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Alexa is a fourth year dental student at Boston University who has found no better way to relieve her stress than jumping on a bike at The Handle Bar and sweating it out. She has been indoor cycling for 10 years now, after her parents introduced her to this endorphin high in high school. She fell in love right away, and has been cycling since. Once she found The Handle Bar, though, she knew there was something special about it. The family dynamic coupled with intense, fun workouts and inspiring, energetic instructors made her passion for the bike blossom. She tries to bring this vigor and enthusiasm to each of her rides.

tell us one surprising fact about yourself.
I wore an eye patch when I was in second grade for a lazy eye, and it had a unicorn on it. Sexy. ;)

what's your guilty pleasure?
SPOONFULS of Justin’s chocolate hazelnut butter.

what is your spirit animal and why?
A wolf…for several reasons. I love company and I’m very loyal, but I can be fierce if tested. So my pack better RIDE HARD.

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Mon Oct 16, 2017
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