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A MidSummerShare Update


Well, that was quick! Summer Share riders, you are officially half way through your ten week challenge! We’d love to say congrats, but your journey is not yet over. Take this moment as an opportunity to check in with yourself. What progress have you made so far? Have you surprised yourself at all? What (if anything!) do you wish you could have done differently these past five weeks? Seriously, take a second to honestly answer these questions (and maybe share your answers with a friend, twitter, your dog – somebody!). If you find things you wish you could change or have done differently, well, you’re in luck. You’ve still got five whole weeks to improve upon or change whatever it is you aren’t satisfied with. If you are content with your progress, I dare you to take the next step. Set a goal for the next five weeks that makes your hair stand on its ends. What will push you to the next level – mentally, physically, emotionally, socially? Find the thing that scares you most and then go do it.


Top 3 overall:

1) Alisun Kovach (82 points)
2) Brittany O’Shea (82 points)
3) Andrew Rebhun (79 points)


Top 3 hashtaggers:
1) Brittany O’Shea (56 points)
 2) Alisun Kovach (54 points)
3) Andrew Rebhun (44 points)


Top 3 Riders:
1) Andrew Rebhun (35 rides)
2) Erica Mellone (33 rides)
3) Courtney Ferguson (33 rides)


Don’t forget – at the very end of the competition, we are going to triple check the standings for accuracy to be sure that hashtags are equivalent to rides (i.e. 2 #points for every 1 ride). This is especially important for our top 3 riders to earn their well-deserved complimentary month unlimited package. Keep sweating, sharing, and having fun this summer – you’ve still got 5 whole weeks left!


How will you #ShareYourSummer?