The Foods That Fuel HB Instructors

Good nutrition is a part of every good workout routine—but everyone has different favorites when it comes to post-workout meals, breakfast staples, and even splurge foods.

Here, Handle Bar instructors reveal the eats that provide the energy required clip in multiple times a day, and what they turn to when they’re craving something tasty. Hungry yet?


What's Your Favorite Post-Class Meal?


600x338 sushi


“Sushi—a lot of it. I love sushi! My favorites are the Red Sox Roll, spicy tuna roll, Philly Roll, and an order of edamame.” —Raisa Hoffman


Cauliflower pizza crust (frozen from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods) with pesto and fresh veggies. —Jess Duhaime


Pizza, “hands down.” —Melissa Miranda


Overnight oats with peanut butter, vanilla protein, cinnamon, honey, and bananas. —Alli Houde


A breakfast sandwich: egg, cheese, and Red Hot on an everything bagel. —Julie Moody


A breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese from Tatte! —Candice Peak


What's Your Go-To Breakfast?


Yogurt and granola with some fresh fruit. —Danelle Olson


A homemade sausage, egg, and cheese on a French toast bagel (yes, French toast). In a pinch, two bananas, and an espresso. —Anthony Charter


‘The Fix’ from Pavement Coffeehouse —Raisa Hoffman


French press coffee and scrambled eggs or an omelet with veggies and an avocado on

the side. In a pinch, a GoMacro or RXBar. —Jess Duhaime


Any variation of runny eggs with tomatoes on the side. “It’s light but gets me a

good serving of protein and it's delicious.” —Melissa Miranda


Coffee with coconut milk before morning classes. “That first sip each morning—heaven.” —Julie Moody




A breakfast sandwich from Tatte and cold brew from Flour Bakery. —Candice Peak


What’s Your Guilty Pleasure?


A NutRageous candy bar (or anything that involves chocolate and peanut

butter coming together) or Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos (the Family Size bag). —Anthony Charter


Cheez-Its. —Raisa Hoffman


Coffee chocolate chip ice cream or “anything covered in peanut butter!” —Alli Houde


By Eliza Garry