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Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the US suffer from mental illness. These battles, all 42 million of them annually, affect not only the patient but also the families, friends and support networks of these individuals. Now take that 1 in 5 figure and expand it to include every person who has been impacted by mental illness indirectly. If you haven’t already related to this statistic, imagine the staggering number of people around you, in your next class, in this Handle Bar community who know it all too well, and rarely speak about it.

We are excited to introduce a new, charitable branch of the Handle Bar, called Handle With Care. Handle With Care is a movement to battle stigma and provide resources to those affected by mental illness. We plan to start small, generate ideas from our rider community and team, and begin a sustained effort to make an impact in the lives of those struggling with mental illness.. within The Handle Bar community and beyond.

Being well doesn't simply mean eating vegetables and staying in shape... Self-care is the idea that we must listen to ourselves, understand our own needs, mentally, physically and emotionally. So, to carry on this discussion and continue putting emphasis on the importance of self-care and mental health, we hosted a series of rides in June that focused on self-care and mental wellness. The rides were a huge success! As entry to each event, riders submitted their favorite ways to practice self-care. The responses were incredible and we've put each studio's submissions on display for the community to enjoy.

Stay tuned for our next announcement surrounding Handle With Care and how you can get involved. 


Idea/Inquiry Submission Form

  • Are you effected by mental illness directly or indirectly? Are you passionate about this cause? We are looking for inspiration and want to form relationships within our rider community to help us make an impact.

  • We will be hosting events to raise money, awareness and support for individuals living with mental illness and the facilities and organizations dedicated to their treatment. We need your help.

  • Do you have an idea for an event? Do you have a personal story that could mean something for someone who is struggling? Do you just want to stay in the loop on our movement?

  • Fill out this form to share your thoughts.