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The Handle Bar Harvard Sq Studio

Harvard Sq

1030 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 714-3367


The Harvard Sq studio is located at 1030 Massachusetts Ave. At the intersection of Mt. Auburn, Putnam and Throwbridge Streets. A short walk (.3 miles) from the Harvard MBTA station and another short walk (.7 miles) from the Central Square MBTA station.  Parking in the area is metered.


The space consists of a large studio housing 35 bikes, a reception area for check-in, and both Men's and Women's restrooms and showers. Every rider has access to our facility including complimentary towels for both riding and showering.
Meet the Manager
Maura Tramontozzi

insta website @mauratram
website twitter_copy @mauratram

From: Norwich, CT.. same hometown as sister and Fenway Manager, Cara.. and same high school as HB Owner, Jess!

Education: BA in Communications from Suffolk University

Why I ride: I ride for several reasons, the contagious energy and positivity is the main reason. There is no better feeling than going into the studio, seeing a bunch of your friends so happy and ready to take on the day! I have a hard time shutting off my mind, yoga is impossible for me because I’m always thinking about the next thing, but for a HB class, it’s a different story. For 45 minutes nothing else exists and nothing feels better than taking a class and just kicking ass. 

History with The HB: I took my first class in the summer of 2013 after the first location in South Boston opened. It only took one class to know I was addicted. I started as a bike cleaner, then picking up shifts behind the desk then right before I graduated school, Jess offered me a full time management position. It was too good to be true.. not just a job right out of school but a job at one of my favorite places. 

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