During his undergrad years at Bentley University, Anthony was an All New England NCAA Varsity athlete and part of Bentley’s FIRE Step Squad, participating in competitions throughout MA and NY. Simply put, Anthony was THRIVING in college! But when he transitioned into the professional world as an IT Consultant for a large professional services firm, Anthony was struggling to find a community that would allow him to continue fueling his passions for fitness and music. Enter, The Handle Bar.


Anthony’s first ride at The Handle Bar was a charity ride in the summer of 2017. All it took was 45 minutes, and he knew he had to get involved. Over the next year, Anthony became a part of the community as a regular rider, and ultimately joined The Handle Bar team as an instructor during the summer of 2018.


Music has always been a huge part of Anthony’s life; growing up, Anthony spent most of his childhood singing songs with his Nana, a professionally-trained vocalist. Anthony carried that passion for music through his life in the form of dancing and performance. Anthony is a dancer at heart; he doesn’t just listen to music, he feels it, and you’ll feel it too. His only rule in class is to “be yourself.” Get ready for some heart-pumping runs, emotional climbs, and ‘elevated’ choreography. Oh, and a mandatory dance break, of course!


What is your spirit animal and why?
A peacock; it’s pretty self-explanatory.


If you could use three words to describe your class, what would they be?
High-octane. Sassy. Euphoric.


Why do you ride?
When I ride, I feel a sense of freedom: freedom from stress, freedom from judgement, freedom from rules, freedom from the status quo. I have the opportunity to live in the moment, truly express myself and live my best life. I love to share this sense of liberation with my riders, one class at a time.