Ashley Wagner

Ashley grew up in Sudbury, MA, and at a young age developed a love for all things active. In high school she was a three-season athlete, and went on to play field hockey at Colby College. After college she moved to Boston, where it was natural for her to look for the next thing. She began teaching bootcamp and conditioning classes, and she also picked up road cycling. In 2012 she decided to take cycling to the next level, so she recruited her sister, and they took their bikes across the country (yes….that’s 4000 miles in the saddle).



Upon her return she found indoor cycling at The Handle Bar and the rest is history. When not at The HB, Ashley works down the street from the Harvard Square studio at Novartis in Oncology Research.  At The Handle Bar, Ashley’s class fuses road cycling fundamentals with the energy that comes from a music- and rhythm-driven ride into a challenging and powerful experience.



What’s your favorite song to climb to? 
“I Am a Machine” by David Guetta, hands down. This song could pull me up a mountain all day. I have been known to listen to this song on repeat when working out…it’s that good!



What’s your favorite thing about indoor cycling? 
The energy. It can be 6am or 6pm, it doesn’t matter. The energy that comes from a class working together is invigorating. It is the best perk of the job.



What is your spirit animal?
Definitely some kind of dog, probably a Lab. I am a pack animal that loves to work hard and play hard. In my class you will find a hard athletic challenge that will leave your legs shaking. You will also find team spirt and throwback pop tunes that will put a big smile on your face.