Danelle Olson

A small-town girl from Minnesota, Danelle transplanted to Boston after college to pursue her career in nutrition.  She discovered The Handle Bar not long afterwards, and immediately knew she had to become a part of the community…she started working the desk in South Boston in 2013 and has yet to look back.  Growing up in an active household set the stage for her draw to the fitness scene, as she’s competitively figure skated, danced, swam, mountain biked (yes, a real bike), and even played golf in college.  Her competitive nature hasn’t stopped; she now runs everything from 5Ks to marathons.  Attracted to music, movement, and self-betterment, Danelle strives to connect and create a journey in each class that will leave you breathless and feeling accomplished.


Spirit animal? 
Florence Welch of Florence + The Machine – she is the ultimate balance of power and grace


What’s your favorite season and why? 
Spring and autumn both because they represent transitions.


Why I ride:
I ride to escape, hear new music, and to challenge myself more than yesterday.


Perfect day? 
Assuming everything is literally perfect and I can make anything happen 😉 … Wake up and run 10 miles along the Esplanade, followed by a private jet ride to Stevens Point, Wisconsin to meet my dad for a round of golf at the Stevens Point Country Club.  In the evening, meet friends in Madison, Wisconsin for fried cheese curds, ice cream, and a night on the square.


Guilty pleasure? 
I don’t believe in those…if it makes you happy, you shouldn’t feel guilty.