Emily grew up in a small suburb outside of Philadelphia, and moved to Boston in 2009 to study at Boston University. Fitness was never remotely on her radar – until finally the long-bubbling frustration she was dealing with, which stemmed from feeling unmotivated, overwhelmed and out-of-shape, while working full time and juggling a full time course load, reached a tipping point. Feeling discouraging and alone, something needed to change. She started testing out a variety of group fitness classes, in search of a sense of ownership of her body, and hoping to get stronger mentally as well as physically. Indoor cycling was the one place where she felt challenged, empowered and truly a part of something bigger than herself – and she’s been chasing that beat ever since.

Now working full time in fitness, Emily is passionate about making working out fun, but knows that the most satisfying moments come from the hardest efforts – and she wants to help you find the new edge of your comfort zone.

what is something most people don’t know about you?

I never played competitive sports in high school, but did play in marching band for all of high school and college. (Clarinet and baritone horn, I know you’re wondering!)

describe your perfect day

Waking up super early in a tent up in the mountains, then taking a short hike to a ridge line to watch the sun rise. I like a steady breeze, but ideally for the rest of the day the sun is shining through partial clouds to keep me warm. No music, no city sounds, just nature. That breeze through the trees. A long and challenging hike for the rest of the day. Taking off my boots at the end of a lot of elevation and mileage – one of the most satisfying feelings I know. Then a lot of food for dinner, preferably including a huge pile of sweet potato fries.

what’s your favorite workout to balance cycling classes?

MOVE, baby!!!

what are words you live by?

“Make your life a masterpiece; imagine no limitations on what you can be, have or do.” (Brian Tracy)