Hailing from South-Eastern MA, Emily is a proud UMass Amherst alum & workout-lovin’ chick who joined the Boston fitness scene as an instructor 2 years ago.  Not long after, she fell in love with The Handle Bar for the loud beats and welcoming community. She began low-key stalking Candice Peak and taking all of her classes, and the love just grew from there. When she’s not teaching around the city, Emily works as the Operations Manager for a staffing firm on the North Shore.  Aside from fitness, Emily’s passions include Beyonce, eating comfort food, petting dogs, and watching Netflix with her fiance in their East Boston apartment.  With a taste in music that is all over the map, Emily’s class is sure to keep you guessing!


What is your spirit animal and why? 
A lab because I love to be active and play, but also reaaallllly love naps.


What’s one fun fact that no one would guess about you? 
I climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in July 2017 with absolutely no hiking experience…took sort of an “ignorance is bliss” approach…yikes.


What’s your favorite meal? 
Buffalo chicken mac n’ cheese.  Hey Julie Moody – wanna get din sometime?