Keeping it Going in 2019

I don’t know about you guys, but January 1st feels like a pretty unrealistic time to get your sh*t in order all at once.

My holiday travel hangover doesn’t subside until well into the New Year. In business, the end of the year is a cf of tax stuff, bills, and reporting. Tack on the Harvard studio closure and re-opening, a 4th studio in the works, and a brand new baby boy (more on this and PICS below)… I need a little more time to hop on – and stay on – this resolution train.

This January for me has been loaded with change. For this reason, I’ve been working hard to stay grounded in the moment to combat the stress that comes along with so much…newness. I’ve got a list of some of the little things I’m doing at work, at home, and for myself to stay balanced. You’ll also find some mantras that I’m living by in each of these categories!


At work

Chunking! Not only do I like the name of this tactic (reminds me of my son, Oscar and it’s fun to say), but I really like putting it into practice. I basically take all the aspects of my job and group them into 8 categories. I use those categories to direct my focus for each hour of the work day. This way, while I’m deep into work on sales reports and numbers, I won’t be tempted to get sidetracked by paying a bill or answering email. I set aside time for those tasks as well.

As a seasoned multi-tasker, chunking is not necessarily what I’m used to, and it takes discipline. But when I successfully break my day up into pieces, where I focus on key pieces of my job one at a time, I usually have a pretty awesome and productive day.

Speaking to me in 2019: “Be steady and well-ordered in your life so that you can be fierce and original in your work.” Gustave Flaubert


At home

My work day ends around 3pm so I can spend the last few hours of the day with Oscar. Sometimes it’s hard to shake free of my work brain as soon as I walk in the door. Something that’s become a bit of a 2019 ritual is singing and dancing with Oskie soon after I get home. Our favorite playlist is Spotify’s Have A Great Day! I usually know the words and really try to make a scene and get him laughing. It’s not hard to do and it also makes me happy from the inside out.












A few weeks back, my friend and HB queen, Sarah Coppinger, took some photos of Oscar and me at home. It was such a special morning – I got to pamper myself, feel beautiful, and capture this moment in time with my baby boy.

Speaking to me in 2019 – The little things, and little moments aren’t little.



My fitness routine has definitely changed since having Oscar. I certainly can’t get in the same number of workouts that I used to, but my day-to-day is pretty physically demanding on its own. At 22 pounds, my 5-month-old keeps me sweating regardless of what’s on the agenda. I try and ride 3-4 times per week and get in at least one other workout on top of that. I’m also working hard on a new project for the HB which is full of movement. Getting back in shape post-baby has been challenging but very rewarding.


Speaking to me in 2019 – If I could do it before, I can do it again.. better.


Self Care

Woof, just looked at my nails and I have a total of 4 fingernails with gel polish remaining.Each day I’m trying to give myself 1 hour dedicated to me. Shoutout to my husband Sean who keeps tabs on me for this one. Most days a week this time is usually a workout/HB class… but today I think I’ll run over to Miniluxe. It’s time.

Speaking to me in 2019 – Fall in love with caring for yourself.


I hope that The Handle Bar has been a positive piece of your 2019 so far. Whether you’re off to a great start, or need to refocus your efforts next month… you’re doing great. Thank you so much for riding, for being a part of our community, and for your commitment to health and happiness. We’ll be here for ya, supporting all the ways you’re trying to better yourself. I’ll see you in the saddle ✌


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