Raisa Hoffman

Raisa, a Boston native and Emerson College graduate, began her journey at The Handle Bar back in 2014 as a team member of the Bar Staff at the very first HB studio in South Boston. Right from the beginning, she was hooked on both the athleticism and positivity that this community had to offer and was thrilled when her dream of teaching at the HB came true in 2016. When Raisa is not teaching at The Handle Bar, she works consistently as an actor in the Boston area. She can be found performing almost every week anywhere from Somerville to the South Shore. While acting is one of Raisa’s passions, she has always prioritized and maintained an athletic lifestyle whether it be through team sports or competitive running. The balance between acting and fitness has always been key in Raisa’s day-to-day life and career aspirations. Raisa hopes to continue working and growing as both an actor and HB instructor and continue to fuse her passion for performance and fitness.


What is your spirit animal and why? 
Definitely a horse. They are physically strong, loyal, and aware. They have this uncanny ability to be both graceful and comedically clunky at the same time. I fully relate to this juxtaposition and think it describes my essence to a T.


What is 1 fun-fact that no one would guess about you? 
I can speak backwards fluently. If someone gives me a word, phrase, or sentence, my brain just immediately flips the letters and words around so that I can speak, write, and spell everything backwards. No idea what this is useful for but it makes a killer fun fact!


Why do you ride? 
I ride because the feeling of moving in sync with a group of people pedaling towards self-betterment is truly my happy place. I feel like such a rockstar walking out of class with my hair sweaty in a topknot, no makeup, and workout clothes. Riding in and teaching these classes has shown me just how far a little confidence can go. In my opinion, there is nothing more empowering, sexy, and beautiful than strength and determination, particularly in a butt-kicking workout class.