After sporadically taking fitness classes in his post-college years, Alex began indoor cycling more seriously when the HB Harvard Square location opened. He quickly fell in love with the motivating nature and challenge of the classes. A data analyst by day, Alex grew up north of Boston and has settled in the area after graduating from the University of Delaware, where he played tennis on the club team. A lifetime hockey player, his favorite place to channel his energy is on the ice. When crushing a fast beat on the spin bike, Alex likes to envision himself racing toward the net on a breakaway.


In class, Alex incorporates music and movements that motivate and lift him to work hard and have fun. He encourages riders to find their strength, surprise themselves, and get lost in the ride.


Describe your perfect day 
A morning spin class (not too early – 9 or 10) followed by brunch with friends. Something outside in the afternoon, then an evening out on the town capped off by late-night soup dumplings. It’s the people I’m with that make the day perfect.


If you could use three words to describe your class, what would they be?
Positive, challenging, fun. I strive for riders to push their limits and enjoy the experience.


what is your spirit animal and why?
An eagle. The freedom of flying through the air uninhibited – I’ve gone skydiving once – is a feeling unlike anything I’ve experienced. I like to think about that when I ride sometimes.