CYCLE, the HB’s signature class, is a cardio workout on a stationary bike, inspired and programmed with the music and the beat of each song.  The class incorporates varying movements and hand weights to engage the whole body in this intense, transformative ride. The class is 45 or 60 minutes long and will leave you feeling accomplished, exhilarated and drenched in sweat. Instructors utilize resistance work, hill climbs and interval pushes, along with the dance-inspired choreography The HB has become known for. Choreography is always optional.

CYCLE is offered at: Fenway, Harvard, Kendall, North Station, and South End


Unheated, our STRENGTH classes are mat-based and high intensity. Instructors guide the room through concentrated sequences to tone and define upper body, lower body, and core in every class. Structured with a combination of time-based sets and AMRAP work, clients are able to push themselves in both load and pace. Instructors offer ample modifications throughout class, to decrease or increase the intensity of the workout. HB STRENGTH classes are an awesome option for novice and experienced lifters alike.

STRENGTH is offered at the South End


Heated with Infrared, our SCULPT classes fuse basic, but mindful, breath-to-movement vinyasa with sweat-dripping beat-based pilates inspired strength training. Instructors utilize a variety of equipment types from resistance bands and lightweight dumbbells, to Bala Bangles and Bala Rings. All classes will include upbeat tracks designed to burn-out the core, legs, arms, and glutes.

SCULPT is offered at South Boston and Charlestown; and via Livestream


Heated with Infrared , our FLOW classes deliver fluid movement, breathwork, and meditation in a powerful vinyasa class.

Each class will be inspired by a thoughtful playlist, and a unique intention. FLOW classes will always feature postures that allow for deep opening of the hips, hamstrings or chest – muscle groups that need tending after an intense CYCLE class, or a long run. POWER FLOW is a fast paced class, where clients can expect an elevated heart rate. SLOW FLOW as the name hints, is a slower paced class focused on deep stretching, breath work, and resotration.

POWER FLOW and SLOW FLOW are offered at South Boston & Charlestown; and via Livestream


CYCLE & STRENGTH, 25 minutes of heart-pounding beat-based cycling, and 25 minutes of free-weight strength training. Select floor or bike for your starting position, with a swap halfway through. Get the best of both worlds in this effective and efficient full body workout.

CYCLE & STRENGTH is offered at North Station and South End


In addition to livestream SCULPT and FLOW, our VOD library boasts hundreds of CYCLE classes with your favorite instructors from the past several years. You can drop-in for a single day pass, or buy an unlimited subscription for continual access to the live classes and VOD library. HBer’s with in-studio memberships enjoy a 50% discount on HB Virtual.

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