CYCLE, the HB’s signature class, is a cardiovascular workout on a stationary bike, all set to the beat of the music. The class incorporates varying movements and a weighted bar to engage the whole body in this intense, transformative ride. The class is typically 45 or 60 minutes and will leave you feeling accomplished, exhilarated and drenched in sweat.


New clients can take advantage of our $10 first class rate, as well as our $100 month unlimited package, to get a feel for our workout, instructors, community and studio space. FYI: the month unlimited might get you hooked. 😉 Each offer can be redeemed one time per client.


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MOVE is a 45-minute, total-body workout that combines high-intensity plyometric movement with slow-burning kettlebell strength work. It fuses our passion for music-driven exercise with thoughtful programming that complements and enhances our work on the bike. MOVE is currently only available at The Handle Bar North Station.


MOVE and CYCLE class credits are interchangeable — one single class credit can be used for either workout. All credit packages — 5, 10, 20, 40, or the limited monthly package — can be used for both MOVE and CYCLE. Our unlimited CYCLE memberships (month unlimited and unlimited auto-renew) require a $10 add-on in order to register for a MOVE class. If you are an unlimited member, you will be prompted to pay the $10 class charge upon signing up.


Find out more about our class packages and pricing.