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About the movement


Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the US suffer from mental illness. These battles, all 42 million of them annually, affect not only the patient but also the families, friends and support networks of these individuals. Now take that 1 in 5 figure and expand it to include every person who has been impacted by mental illness indirectly. If you haven’t already related to this statistic, imagine the staggering number of people around you, in your next class, in this Handle Bar community who know it all too well, and rarely speak about it.


Handle With Care is a movement to raise awareness on mental health and battle the stigma associated with mental illness.


We believe that mental health and physical health are inextricably linked .

We host events both in studio and off site that range in topics including depression, anxiety, addiction, eating disorders, and much more. Our aim is to offer resources, knowledge and discussion. We hope to make these difficult topics a bit easier to digest, while at the same time  creating community through solidarity. In our efforts, we hope to uplift individuals battling mental illness and provide resources for those supporting a friend or family member who is struggling.


In 2020, we introduced a special offering as a way to give back to those advocating for mental health: All mental health professionals receive 20% off class credit packages, from a single class to the 20-class package. For more information on how to redeem this offering, visit our FAQs page and read the section about mental health professionals. For more information on our class packages, visit our buy page.


Who we are


The movement is a group effort led by volunteer members of The Handle Bar Team, and founder Jess Fracalossi. Depending on the event or initiative, Handle Bar instructors, managers and riders partake in the organization of our efforts. Together, we’re focused on peeling away stigma and shedding light on mental health.

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