Nearly 1 in 5 adults in the US suffer from mental illness. These battles affect not only the patient but also the families, friends and support networks of these individuals. Now take that 1 in 5 figure and expand it to include every person who has been impacted by mental illness indirectly. If you haven’t already related to this statistic, imagine the staggering number of people around you, in your next class, in the Handle Bar community who know it all too well, and rarely speak about it.


Handle With Care is a movement to raise awareness on mental health and battle the stigma associated with mental illness.

We believe that mental health and physical health are inextricably linkedOur aim is to offer resources, knowledge and discussion through events and initiatives. We hope to make these difficult topics a bit easier to digest, while at the same time  creating community through solidarity. In our efforts, we hope to uplift individuals battling mental illness as well as the friends or family member of someone who is struggling.

As a way to give back to those advocating for mental health: All mental health professionals receive 20% off class credit packages, from a single class to the 20-class package. For more information on how to redeem this offering, visit our FAQs page and read the section about mental health professionals.


Joyful Movement is an approach to fitness and exercise that focuses on moving in a way that feels good for your unique body and transforms your mentality towards exercise from something that you ‘have’ to do, to something that you look forward to doing because it helps you feel your best. Here at The HB, we work hard to create a safe and welcoming environment for all bodies to move. Our Joyful Movement Rides are a direct reflection of that intention.
We always aim to provide a space where you are encouraged to focus on how you feel on your bike and in your body… rather than on calorie burn and physical gains, but our Joyful Movement Rides take this intention a few steps further.
What movements bring you joy? What movements feel challenging? How can you become more in tune with yourself during this time, rather than pushing a new limit or measurable goal? We offer you the chance to really connect with yourself and focus on what comes up for you, both physically and mentally. Our Joyful Movements Rides are always hosted in tandem with a mental health related fundraising effort or initiative.
You can expect a classic HB experience, but with extra focus on how your body feels during the movement, and how it impacts your mental health and self-talk. The accessible pace of these classes allows you to connect with your body, mind, and soul– while still giving you a sweaty, endorphin-fueled reward!


At all of our Handle Bar locations, you’ll notice a LITTLE FREE LIBRARY! As a part of our Handle With Care initiative, we set up Little Free Libraries for members of the HB community to participate in an ongoing book swap with each other.

Our aim is that you will take a book, leave a book, and help us fight the stigma associated with mental health through knowledge and community.

We accept any books on the topic of mental health and wellness! Please be mindful when using our Free Little Libraries and be sure to take a book when you leave a book or vice versa.

Happy reading!


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