Our mission is to improve the physical, mental and emotional wellness of our clients and our team, and make a lasting impact in the communities we touch.

The Handle Bar is a boutique fitness brand where a commitment to wellness runs deep. Our instructor-led, music-driven, low-lit classes are fun, sweaty and consistently authentic. Our talented and devoted instructor team delivers a passion for human connection, music, and movement in every ride. 

The Handle Bar operates with equity and integrity at the heart of our decision making. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community where riders can show up as they are, and feel welcomed and inspired to return again and again. 

We are a community who believes in body liberation and the power of collective mental wellness, self love, and belonging. For us, riding isn’t about burning calories – it’s about self betterment and connection.  We believe that the benefits of physical activity are much more significant than a number on a scale.


Welcoming riders of various sexes, colors, religions, sexual orientations, socioeconomic backgrounds, nations, languages, (dis)abilities, ages, and points of view feel represented and included in both our internal operations and our external, customer facing efforts is critical to the continued success of our company. Decreasing barriers to entry, and increasing access to new and not yet served groups is a continued goal. We are taking concrete steps to joyfully promote inclusion, belonging, and diversity within our community.

Whether you meet us for a CYCLE class, on a bench for CYCLE & STRENGTH, at a community event, or at home On Demand – The Handle Bar is here for you; mind, body, and spirit.

The HB was founded by Jess Fracalossi in 2013 in South Boston. Over the past decade, Jess and her team have gone on to open studios in Fenway, Harvard Square, North Station and Back Bay. In 2022 the company merged with competitor, Turnstyle, and the footprint expanded again to include Kendall Sq, Charlestown and the South End. Jess prides herself on leading a mission driven business, and breeding a team culture focused around empowerment and impact. Jess is a creative, who leads with her heart on her sleeve. With the merge, Jess will focus her efforts on brand, marketing, and community relations. Most recently, Jess was joined by Turnstyle leader Jaime Resor as the company’s COO.

Jaime is a savvy business woman, who leads with logic and objectivity. With the merge, Jaime will focus her efforts on studio operations – a behemoth role that she is well suited for. They have both proven as resilient and courageous leaders, and together they’ll take The Handle Bar into its next chapter – with quality and customer experience at the top of the priority list.

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