your first HB fitness challenge

☑️ workouts you can stick with 💦

☑️ community you can count on 🤝🏻



The HB is passionate about your wellness.. and we have all the tools to help you build new and maintain new, healthy habits 🧡
The New Client Challenge is our way of guaranteeing that our classes, studios, and instructors will improve your life, right away. All you have to do is show up.

The rules are simple:
Step 1: Buy the New Client Challenge
Step 2: Use the 3 credits in under 2 weeks
Step 3: Enjoy 3 complimentary bonus credits ON US. 

After doing 6 classes in one month, you’re going to feel a huge change, mentally and physically… you’ll be well on your way to a lifestyle rooted in movement and community – all for just $39 bucks.


3 for $39 Details

☀️ This package can be purchased by any client, one time at this low price. You have 45 days to until the credits expire, but to win the Bonus Pack, you must complete them within the first 2 weeks. The credit package allows booking for:

– all CYCLE classes
– all STRENGTH classes
– all SCULPT classes
– all FLOW classes
– all CYCLE & STRENGTH classes
– all 7 Handle Bar locations


☀️ While any client can purchase the package once, the challenge is only intended for our newest clients, folks with fewer than 10 reservations on their HB account history. If you are not a new client, you will not be able to participate in the challenge and win the bonus pack.

☀️ Your progress in the challenge is tracked in our booking platform.

☀️When checking-in for your 3rd class on the challenge just let our staff know and they’ll process your Bonus 3 Pack!

☀️ Be sure that you are ‘opted-in’ for marketing communications, as you will receive important reminders throughout the New Client Challenge, and will be granted special discount offers for future memberships once you complete the Challenge and Bonus pack! Opt-in for marketing communications via the personal information section of your HB Account. 



☀️ Upon checking in for your third class on the challenge, be sure to alert the desk team and they’ll double check your reservation history. If all rules were adhered to, and the first 3 classes were completed in under 14 days, your bonus pack will be added to your account that day.

☀️ The Bonus 3 Pack has a strict expiration of 2 weeks from when it is added to your account.

☀️ Our normal penalty policies apply to the Bonus Pack, therefore an active credit card must be added to your account in order to redeem the Bonus Pack.

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