Sarah Maguire

Sarah grew up on the beaches of Southern New Jersey where she was introduced to the sport of rowing. After being recruited by schools around the country, Sarah accepted an athletic scholarship to Northeastern University, where she was a coxswain on their Division I Men’s Rowing team. After graduating, Sarah used yoga and indoor cycling as a way to stay fit. She soon realized that leading a spin class and coxing a boat share many similarities. Because of this, Sarah’s classes are infused with high energy and organized choreography. Her unforgettable playlists set the rhythm, and her lively demeanor (not to mention a mouth like a sailor) get you laughing and working HARD. Sarah lives in Southie with her husband, son and English Bulldog named Stella.


if you were a tree, what kind would you be?
A Weeping Willow. I love their shape; they’re so massive and majestic. All the other trees definitely respect them.


who’s your favorite artist?
Bob Marley. Instead of singing us lullabies when we were babies, my dad sang us some Bob.


what’s your favorite drink?
Extra dirty martini on the rocks. Belvedere vodka only. 🙂