Candice Peak

Candice grew up just North of Boston and was a competitive swimmer for 14 years. She competed at the 2008 U.S Olympic Team trials and swam at the University of Wisconsin, serving as team captain her senior year. Candice retired from swimming in 2010, but she still craved the high intensity training and turned to running to stay in shape. After running the New York City Marathon in 2013, Candice needed a mental break from competition and decided to try indoor cycling at The Handle Bar. She was instantly hooked and knew leading a room full of people who love to have fun while working hard was right up her alley.


Candice is a graduate of The Handle Bar Instructor Training program and tries to create a journey on the bike with lots of hip hop and EDM beats (sometimes with the occasional alternative rock song!) that will leave you feeling strong and confident. Off the bike, Candice works as a marketing manager for an investment management firm in Boston and can often be found running around Southie with her beloved black lab, Scooter.



what’s your favorite time of day? 
Early morning hands down. I’m talking like 5 am. I love being the first one awake in the morning. I feel like I am at my best before noon but don’t expect me to be awake past 9 pm on a weeknight!


what’s something most people don’t know about you? 
Helping local animal shelters has always been very important to me. I grew up with rescue dogs and helped my family foster a few until they were ready to be adopted. I always try to find a way to support local animal welfare organizations and even adopted my pup from the MSPCA.


Why do you ride? 
Peace of mind. Any stress that I carry around is immediately lifted the second I step into the bike room. The supportive community and the inclusive atmosphere is second to none. It really is pure magic.