Fueling for Strength: Pre and Post Class Nutrition Guide

Written by Morgan Yarborough

The effort you put into your strength class at The Handle Bar goes beyond the actual workout itself. It begins before the music turns up and the lights dim, and it continues even after the class is over. Proper fueling is the key to unlocking better performance, enhanced recovery, and ultimately, achieving your desired results.

Whether you’re participating in CYCLE & STRENGTH or OUTDOOR  LIFT & TRAIN, there are three main priorities when it comes to fueling for strength training: carbohydrates, protein, and water.


Before the Workout

Prep for your class by eating 30 minutes to 2 hours before. If it’s been a while since lunch, make sure to pack a snack to eat on your way to the studio.

The focus of your pre-workout snack should be carbohydrates. Carbs serve as the primary fuel source for your body, just like gasoline for your car. If you’re eating closer to class time, opt for simple, easily digestible, low-fiber carbohydrates. 

You can include a moderate amount of protein in your snack for satiety and to support muscle recovery. However, avoid consuming excessive protein as it may upset your stomach during class.


Here are some easy pre-workout snack ideas:

      • An apple or banana with nut butter
      • Rice cakes and hummus or nut butter
      • Yogurt with granola and berries
      • Cheese stick and pretzels or crackers

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