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HB Virtual includes mat-based classes streamed live from our Hotbox studio every day, along with an On Demand Video library of mat-based AND on-the-bike class types. We are thrilled to launch on our new platform, Forte.. where you can join our virtual studio, and interact with friends and family from around the globe. Plus, our instructors will be able to see your smiling faces at the start of each session! With tons of capabilities, our migration to the Forte platform will mean virtual challenges, leaderboards, and a whole new world in which to grow and strengthen The HB Community.

For our Mat-based classes, SCULPT and FLOW, you’ll want to consider some equipment to make your workout as effective as possible…

BANGLES: These 2 lb Bala Bangles can be worn on the wrists or ankles and are used for much of our SCULPT workout. If you purchase Bala Bangles with us, we’ll give you 15% off, and your first month of HB Virtual for free! (A $59 savings!) If you prefer to buy them yourself, you can find the Bala brand along with a variety of other options on Amazon.

DUMBBELLS: For most SCULPT classes, you’ll need a set of medium dumbbells. We recommend dumbbells between 5 and 12 pounds each. 
RING: Our SCULPT classes often incorporate a Bala Ring. This 10 pound weight is fun to use, but if you don’t want to buy your own, a 10 pound (or similar) dumbbell will work just fine. 
MINI BAND: Our SCULPT classes often incorporate a mini band, or a ‘Booty Band‘. This looped resistance band is used to target the glutes and outer hips. Usually sold in a variety of resistance levels, we recommend a light and medium option. 
BLOCKS: Our FLOW classes and some of our SCULPT classes will incorporate the use of yoga blocks. Traditional, lightweight, usually sold in pairs – you can’t go wrong with these simple props.
HEATER: Totally optional, but 100% worth it, an infrared space heater will activate your senses, nourish your central nervous system, and guarantee that your at-home experience is just as sweaty as your visit to the studio.


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