A 12 week fitness challenge
Epic prizes
1 Unforgettable summer worth sharing


Summershare is an HB Original 🧡

We created this dynamic competition to connect with our community during the summer months –  when life often gets in the way of fitness. Summer in New England is perfect for seeing new places, getting outside, and enjoying time with friends. The Summershare Challenge is as much about the experience as it is about movement. 


  • Anyone can register to play, no special package or membership is necessary to participate in the challenge.
  • However, as a part of the fun, we’re offering an unbeatable HB Summershare Membership – 3 Months Unlimited riding for just $599. The package is valid for unlimited riding across all 7 studios for 12 weeks: Sunday, June 4th – Saturday, August 26th
  • The Membership includes:
    – all CYCLE classes
    – all CYCLE & STRENGTH classes
  • You can reserve your spot in the competition today, but you won’t be charged until it begins on June 4th.
  • You will be charged $199 three times throughout the summer (6/4, 7/2, and 7/30).


Sign up for the HB Summershare Membership here!




  • There are 11 squares in a given week. 8 Ride Squares, 2 Experience Squares, and 1 Mystery Square! The order in which you complete the squares in a given week doesn’t matter. Please note: You can only cross off 1 ride square per day. (you can’t double count ride squares, and it is impossible to complete all 8 ride squares in a week).


  • To cross off an Experience square, just post a photo of the experience on Instagram (stories or grid), use the hashtag #HBSummershare, and be sure to tag us @the_handle_bar! You’ll earn the point by posting on Instagram! If your account is private, please DM us so we can follow you in advance of the competition start.


  • At the beginning of each week, we will unveil a Mystery Square. This is an additional experience square and always involves an HB Partner (local brands and businesses!) At the week’s end, we’ll dish out a fabulous prize from our partner (gift cards, and gear!). We’ll choose our favorite IG post to determine our winner. 


  • When you have crossed off 60 squares, you will qualify for the raffle to win the GRAND PRIZE: a 4 night, all-inclusive, trip for 2 to MEXICO 🏝
    • For every square over 60 you complete, you will qualify again! (Ex: if you complete 80 squares by the end of the summer, you’ll submit your gameboard and your name will be entered into the raffle 20 times.)



  • You must register for the challenge in order to play.
  • Once purchased, there are no refunds or exchanges with the Summershare Membership.
  • Summershare Memberships cannot be canceled before the end of the competition.
  • Summershare Memberships cannot be frozen or extended.
  • We will bill your account for $199 THREE times throughout the summer (6/4, 7/2, and 7/30).
  • The same policies apply to our HB Summershare memberships as our other unlimited memberships: 2 rides/day max, $25 no show, and $10 late cancel penalty.
  • Ride squares and experience squares have the same value.
  • You can only cross off one ride square per day. (It is impossible to complete all 8 ride squares in a week).
  • If you do not have Instagram, you can complete the experience squares by sending us an email with the photo (info@handlebarcycling.com). If you choose this route, all of your experience submissions must be done via email.
  • Keep track of your rides and experiences and mark them off on your board!
  • You should photograph and submit your gameboard to info@handlebarcycling.com soon as the challenge is complete.
  • Booking for this membership will not be possible until the start date (June 4th). Set your alarm, it all starts on 6-4-2023!
  • Any current member can freeze billing on their current membership to take advantage of the deal, and join the challenge (6/4-8/26). Just email info@handlebarcycling.com and we’ll take care of this.
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