Lisa Cardone

Don’t let a smile fool you here- a little bit of spunk and a whole lot of hustle and drive is exactly what you can expect in a class with Lisa; a true Boston local. Lisa’s passion for fitness stems from years of sports from high school cheerleading to college rugby to now running half marathons. With a background in psychology and nursing, Lisa understands the importance of movement in daily life for health and wellness and strives to bring that value to her riders. Off the bike and not scrubbed up, you can find Lisa sippin’ on cold brew at local cafes, trying to plan her next travel adventure.

What is your spirit animal and why?

A cat; what can I say, I love naps and bathing in the sun.

What is a random fact about you?

I have an identical twin sister. She is the best and often gets mistaken to help people in the bike room.

What’s your favorite season and why?

Boston comes alive in spring. You can hear it getting louder, see it getting brighter and people start to shed their layers. It is beautiful weather to just be outside for a walk around town. I feel like I am my best self in the spring.

Why do you ride?

I believe in the healing power of movement and believe in moving your body simply because you can.