CYCLE, the HB’s signature class, is a cardiovascular workout on a stationary bike, all set to the beat of the music. The class incorporates varying movements and a weighted bar to engage the whole body in this intense, transformative ride. The class is typically 45 or 60 minutes and will leave you feeling accomplished, exhilarated and drenched in sweat.


Standard credits are valid for all in-person classes at any of our locations. Our Standard credits can be bought one class at a time or in bulk at a discount! We also offer three membership options with awesome perks!

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CYCLE & STRENGTH, 25 minutes of heart-pounding beat-based cycling, and 25 minutes of free-weight strength training. Select floor or bike for your starting position, with a swap halfway through. Both sneakers and cycle shoes are required for this class. Mondays and Wednesdays: Upper Body. Tuesdays and Thursdays: Lower Body. Friday, Saturday: Full Body.



Regular single-class credits are valid for CYCLE & STRENGTH classes! CYCLE & STRENGTH classes are also included in our memberships.

Find out more about our packages and pricing.

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