Grand Prize An all inclusive tropical vacation for ✌️

Mystery Prizes Weekly prizes to 12 of our incredible local business partners


The challenge runs from 6/2 – 8/24. You must be REGISTERED for the 2024 SUMMERSHARE challenge to participate.


40 HB classes qualifies your entry into the raffle. Every class over 40 results in one additional entry. Every experience, including the Mystery Square, results in one additional entry.


There are 10 squares every week. 7 Workout Squares, 2 Experience Squares, and 1 Mystery Square! The order in which you complete the squares each week doesn’t matter.


To cross off an Experience square, post a photo of the experience on Instagram (stories or grid), use the hashtag #HBSummershare, and be sure to tag us @the_handle_bar


At the beginning of each week, we will unveil a Mystery Square. This is an additional experience square that we will announce on Sundays. If you complete this square, your post enters you into a raffle to win that week’s mystery prize.

A specific membership is not required.

Workout squares and experience squares have the same value.
You may cross of 2 workout squares in one day, but no more than 7 workout squares in one week. Squares can only be crossed off for the current week.

If you do not have Instagram, you can complete the experience squares by sending us an email with a photo info@handlebarcycling.com. If you choose this route, all of your experience submissions must be done via email.


You can track your first 40 workouts on the HB App – but you must submit a gameboard to be entered to win the grand prize at the end of the summer. Photograph and submit your gameboard to info@handlebarcycling.com no later than Friday, August 30th.

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