I want to take classes at home, where should I begin?

If you’re ready to sweat at home, you can purchase a 24 hour Livestream and VOD membership on The Handle Bar website or mobile app. It costs $10 and will give you unlimited access to our platform.

Then, visit our Virtual platform and login with your HB credentials. Your membership will sync right over and you’ll be able to view the livestream and VOD content for 24 hours!

There is no way to purchase a membership through the Virtual website – this needs to be done on our regular website or mobile app.

Do I Need To Make A Reservation For Class?

Nope! Once you’ve purchased a day pass or membership, just pop-on to the Virtual Platform and join an upcoming livestream or watch one of our pre-recorded videos from the library.

Do I need equipment?

This is different for each class type! For FLOW – you’ll likely be fine without any equipment at all – though a mat and yoga block will improve your experience. For SCULPT – you’ll need a pair of light to medium dumbbells at a minimum. To get the full experience, you’ll also need Bala Bangles, a 10 pound weight or Bala Ring, a booty band, and a yoga block. For CYCLE, you’ll need a stationary bike.

Do you offer any deals on equipment?

Yes! If you buy equipment through the Bala Website you can enjoy 15% off any purchase using the code THEHANDLEBAR15

Can I take class at-home with friends?

Yes! Our platform allows you to join a livestream or Video On Demand and share a screen with friends! You can turn your cameras and microphones on to see and hear each other while you enjoy the session. 

Do You Offer Any Discounts?

Yes, if you are an in-studio member you can enjoy 24 hour access to our Virtual Platform for just $5. The discount is automatic and will be applied in your shopping cart.


I Have More Questions. Who Should I Ask?

Please email info@handlebarcycling.com for any other questions regarding our virtual platform, memberships, your account, etc. We’ll get back to you in approximately 48 hours. Thank you!



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