Everything you need to know about the Handle Bar / Turnstyle Merge

When will this change happen?

You will notice physical changes happening at Turnstyle studios over the course of December. All changes and updates will be complete by January 12th, 2023. This is also the date that Turnstyle riders will begin booking via The Handle Bar website or mobile app. 

Will my package or membership still work?

Yes! All existing memberships will continue as they are now at both The HB and Turnstyle. Effective January 12th, 2023, riders will be able to use them to book across all 8 of our locations. Until 1/12, riders should continue booking on the Turnstyle or HB website.


Do I need to create a new account?

No. All current HB clients will be able to use their existing account. All Turnstyle accounts will be migrated over to a Handle Bar account on 1/12/23.  


Will I be able to ride at any location, for any class type?

Yes! We will have eight studio locations for you to pick from: Back Bay (Prudential Center), Charlestown, Fenway, Harvard Square, Kendall Square, North Station, South End & South Boston. Your in-studio credits will work for all of our in-studio class offerings!


Is the price changing?
Because both brands had different pricing models – both models are changing slightly moving forward. Our new pricing is now reflected on both Handle Bar and Turnstyle websites. 


Is your cancellation policy changing?

Our no-show fee is increasing to $25 for both members and credit users. To avoid a no-show fee, simply login to your account and press cancel, anytime before class begins. Our cancellation window is now 8 hours. Late-cancels for limited and unlimited members will result in a $10 fee. Late-cancels for credit users will result in the loss of the credit. We understand things come up, and we offer one grace cancellation every six months. 


Will you be offering more classes? 

YES. Our class schedules at Back Bay, South End, Kendall Sq and Charlestown will be increasing notably. 


What class types will you be offering? 

CYCLE – our 45 and 60 minute beat based ride! 

CYCLE & STRENGTH – a bootcamp inspired class that features a 50/50 union of cycling and strength training. Our Cycle & Strength studios will utilize Fitbenches, program monitors, dumbbells and bands. To begin, these classes will be offered at our North Station, and South End Studios.

STRENGTH 30 – South End clients can look forward to a handful of 30 minute STRENGTH classes each week.

MOVE @ HOME – We’re bringing back The HB’s livestream offering, with an old favorite.  MOVE @ Home is a Kettlebell / HIIT class, perfect for challenging yourself and improving your mobility in the comfort of your own home. MOVE @ Home will be offered a few times weekly for $7 live stream drop-ins and will be available for an On-Demand subscription at  just $19 per month. 


Is the CYCLE product changing?

Yes and no. Our cycle classes will still be a high energy, beat-based ride that combines resistance work, with thoughtful choreography. We have fused the best details of both class products – and you’ll likely appreciate small changes across the board. Handle Bar riders will feel a notable shift with the elimination of our weighted bar… we will be using hand weights for our arm workout! While we know change is hard, our instructor team is excited to incorporate a wider variety of movements into this portion of class:) 


Will every class be a theme ride? 

No, the class schedule will be a combination of Themed and non-Themed classes. Handle Bar riders can expect to see an increase in the amount of themes we offer, and Turnstyle riders can now look forward to non-themed classes with their favorite instructors. 


Is leadership changing?
No, we’re just joining forces!


What’s the best way to book / purchase through the Handle Bar? 

Either the Handle Bar app (available in iOS store), or the Handle Bar website (www.handlebarcycling.com)

I have questions – where should I direct them?
email info@handlebarcycling.com or hello@turnstylecycle.com

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