Introducing: HB REFERRALS

Every time you introduce a new client to The Handle Bar, you’ll get rewarded with $15 in HB Credit.

There is no limit to the number of new clients you can refer nor is there is a limit to the amount of HB cash you can accumulate by way of referrals! This $ is good for everything from recurring membership fees, to class credits, Tiem’s, HB Merch, and more – if you can buy it at our studios you use your rewards dollars towards it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a few friends that want to try The Handle Bar, what is the easiest way for me to refer them and get rewarded?
A: Share the referral link to your home studio, which provides your friend with a free 1st class, they’ll enter your name in the referral field.  Once they attend class, your HB cash will be added!  Not sure of your assigned home studio? Ask our team, or view or change it yourself on your HB online account.

Charlestown Referral Link
Fenway Referral Link
Harvard Referral Link
Kendall Referral Link
North Station Referral Link
South Boston Referral Link
South End Referral Link 

Q: I brought 3 new friends to class this morning, but the $45 hasn’t shown up on my HB account yet.. why?
A: Our system isn’t entirely automated. A member of our desk team will be manually adding this credit to your account and contacting you via email once its been done! We’re quick, but not that quick. Expect 1-2 business days to process the referral dollars.

Q: I told a friend about The Handle Bar and she attended class via Classpass. Will I get rewarded? 
A: In this instance, no. To get the rewards for new clients, they must be 1) a truly brand new customer at The Handle Bar, zero reservations, and 2) they must use the ‘referral credit’ to book and ride in their first class. The system won’t recognize any other type of first time visit when it comes to rewards.

Q: Someone I referred went on to buy a membership, will I get rewarded for that? 
A: Not yet, but we’re working on it! We plan to build upon on our loyalty program better incentivizing your friends to keep up their wellness routines at The HB. For now, we’re only doing rewards for brand new clients.

Q: How do I access my HB Cash? 
A: In the Payment Methods section of your HB account you will see your available credit! Our desk team can use this credit toward any in-studio transaction. If you are on an automatically recurring membership, make sure to toggle the option to Use Account Balance Toward Recurring Fees. You can also can also redeem your credit online by selecting “Apply Account Balance” in your cart at checkout!

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